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Sharman Ultra sports psychology consultation
Addie Bracy

Addie Bracy


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We offer one-hour sports psychology consultations with Addie Bracy. Addie's also one of our running coaches and her qualifications are listed below.

It's not hard to convince athletes to dedicate time and effort to build their fitness and physical skill set. However, fewer athletes dedicate the time needed to strengthen their mental game. If you've ever experienced things like performance anxiety, lack of confidence, or choking, then you've seen just how powerful the mind can be. A deficit in mental skills can quickly become a barrier to tapping into the physical abilities that you have so diligently practiced and trained. When your mind is tied up with negative or unproductive thoughts it becomes difficult for your body to perform the way you have physically prepared for it to. If you're striving to perform at your best you simply cannot leave mental skills out of the equation.

It takes time, effort, and intentional practice to perfect a physical skill, and the same is true for mental skills. When you're in a performance situation, productive thoughts and emotions need to be habitual and rehearsed, freeing up your mind to focus on what is necessary to perform at your best. Through one-on-one sessions we'll identify the specific distractions and dysfunctional thought patterns standing in your way and then start training the mental skills needed to confront those challenges.

  • 1 hour consultation: $125

About Addie Bracy

  • Author of Mental Training for Ultrarunning
  • Master's Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology, University of Denver
  • Certified as a Mental and Performance Consultant by the Association for Applied Psychology
  • Former Mental Performance Extern at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Training Center
  • Experience working with athletes in many sports and many levels ranging from new athletes to those competing at the professional and Olympic level.

Check out Addie discussing key concepts from her book on the PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast.