Sharman Ultra Trucker Hat. $10 US delivery, $30 Canada delivery, $34 rest of world delivery - all via USPS, mailed within a week of the order being placed.


We picked the comfiest option for running, that also looks great the rest of the day.

BUFF® Sharman Ultra Original Multifunctional Headwear. $15 US delivery, $35 Canada delivery, $39 rest of world delivery.


Ideal for sun protection and holding ice on hot runs.

Buy both and save! $19 US delivery, $39 Canada delivery, $44 rest of world delivery.


BUFF® and Trucker Hat combo.

Drymax Sport Socks - Signature Series


Several of our team have their own signature socks with Drymax, designed to their own preference for racing. Click on images for pricing and purchase options.

Sharman Sock (Ian Sharman)

Ellie Sock (Ellie Greenwood)

Stephanie Sock (Steph Howe)