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We offer remote video gait analysis plus strength & prehab training with Renee Metivier at Recharge Sport Gym in Bend, OR. Renee's been involved in elite running since 2005 and her services and qualifications are listed below. Contact us to set either of these up.


Optimizing your training by fine tuning form with specific correctionals and strength to YOUR NEEDS could mean the difference between staying healthy and hitting your goals. And running pain free and functioning at 100% is way more fun! Running faster and longer is just the added bonus.


Your body is put under a lot of eccentric stress with running so your tendons and muscles need to be prepared. Posture, stability, and strength are so very important. But it is hard to navigate all the misinformation and what would be best for your running goals. Renee is an elite and championship runner who has navigated many injuries. These led her to advanced certifications in correctional exercise and strength training, with over 10 years of experience starting with her time living at Olympic Training Center and learning from the head physiologists, doctors, therapists, and coaches.


Renee offers specific running form analysis, a functional movement screen to identify injury risk factors and movement restrictions. In addition she can create a weekly strength, mobility, and prehab plan complete with videos and links that can easily be incorporated into training routines - coordinating all ancillary work with running training and life schedule for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 


Biomechanical Evaluation/Functional Movement Screen (with plan): $350


Additional Full Filming of Plan: $250


Contact us to arrange these as a stand alone service or in addition to signing up for a coaching package.


Strength Training Routine/Plan Updates: $150

Monthly Zoom Group Classes: $100

60 min Personal Training Session: $125


Contact us to arrange any of these as a stand alone service or in addition to signing up for a coaching package.


- NASM CPT-CES, Certified Personal Trainer and Correctional Exercise Specialist


- USATF Level 1 Certified Coach


- 15+ years experience as a professional athlete

- 2010 USATF Indoor 3,000m National Champion, 2012 USATF 20k Road National Champion, 2016 USATF 1/2 Marathon Trail National Champion, 2017 USATF Marathon Trail National Champion, 3×Treadmill World Records (Half Marathon, Marathon, and 50k in 2020), 2:27 Marathon PR

- 10+ years coaching & personal training from elite sport performance to helping injured athletes safely return to sport



Check out Renee discussing strength training for runners on the PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast here.

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