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Other Questions


1. Coaching accomplishment(s) you’re most proud of and why?


I coached a client for two years whose original goal was to complete an event in his home country. He achieved this goal and eventually went on to podium at the same event the following year. The reason I'm proud of this particular success story is that it really highlights the benefits of consistency and patience when aiming for and reaching an endurance goal.


2. Most exotic personal running experience?


I did a race in China in 2016 called the Gobi 100km, which took place on deep sand. It was exotic for a few reasons. I never train on sand, so feeling like every two steps forward was met with one step back was challenging. It was also my first trip to China, which was eye opening in the sense that it was the least Americanized environment I have experienced in respect to language barriers and cultural customs.


3. Favorite local trail?


The Marin Headlands, north of San Francisco. It has the perfect mix

of runnanble surfaceyet difficult climbs with all the views you could


4. Favorite cross training activity?


It's a toss up between strength work or hiking. Since high school I've always liked doing some form of strength work, but since moving out West its hard to pass up on a leisurely hike on the trails.

5. Personal running accomplishment you’re most proud of and why?


Desert Solstice Track Invitational the first time I ran it. Although slower than my time in 2015 for 100 miles it was so new to me in 2013, and I definitely learned the most about how important specificity of training is in ultra running. [Editor's note: both runs were sub 12 hours and both reset the American Record for 100 miles].


6. Most unusual coaching issue you’ve had to deal with?


I once helped a client train for a race where the goal was to win the Clydesdale division at a marathon. It was unique, because he typically was not heavy enough to be in the Clydesdale division, so he was working on bulking up about 20 lbs through his marathon training. I don't think I've ever seen someone eat so much.