The key to peak, sustainable running is to maximize output with minimal input and stress. To do more with less allows us to truly run farther, and faster. Mechanical efficiency -- how we propel our body -- is a crucial element of this process. The more efficiently you can run, the faster you go with less energy and more importantly: with the lest amount of wasteful, painful and damaging tissue stress.  


The more energy you can use to propel forward results in:


  • Faster top speed. More energy is used for forward propulsion (and less absorbed by the ground and your body)

  • Decreased tissue damage. In training and racing, less stress is accumulated. In ultramarathon racing, this is crucial in preserving the legs in the late stages, allowing for sustained, faster running.

  • Faster recovery. Less stress incurred equates to faster bounce-back from training runs and races.

  • Enhanced training and racing capacity. Faster recovery means you can run farther with less stress, bounce back faster, and get back on the trails sooner.


Run Efficient, Run Free: faster and farther. That, by definition, is the goal of distance running. It’s that simple.


Who Can Benefit From Running Analysis and Stride Coaching?


This analysis can help anyone to:


  • Identify relevant stride flaws that may cause repetitive injury issues, as well and performance issues, such as muscle cramping - often the result of muscle overuse;

  • Optimize strengths & shore-up weaknesses in running stride; and

  • Develop strategies - through exercises, drills and cues - to optimize and maintain efficiency in training and racing


Running Analysis and Stride Coaching Details



















Remote Video Running Analysis involves submission of video clips of your running. Based on the video footage, we analyze running biomechanics, identify stride elements relevant to your issues, aches and pains, and then develop a Running Analysis Report.


The report contains:

  • Client background information

  • Relevant biomechanical issues list

  • Corrective actions, including:

    • Range of motion exercises

    • Strength exercises

    • Drills

    • Running cues and strategies


Once we provide the report, you have thirty days to try the techniques, re-record your running stride, and submit those videos for subsequent analysis and feedback on performance. This is a continuous process over the course of a month that includes:

  • Unlimited email contact for 30 days to answer questions

  • Unlimited follow-up videos for analysis feedback


We continue with this process until maximal optimization occurs.


Time: one month from submission of the Running Analysis Report.


Price: $200. Contact us to arrange this as a stand alone service or in addition to signing up for a coaching package.


Plan Extension


Additional month for unlimited video re-submissions and Q&A:

$100 per month. Contact us to arrange this as a stand alone service or in addition to signing up for a coaching package.


Video Chat option


  • One-on-one video chats (Skype, Google Hangout).

  • Real-time question and answer.

  • Demonstration of gait defects, ideal strategies, and interventions (stretches, strength, and drills)

Price: $100/session (60 minutes). Contact us to arrange this as a stand alone service or in addition to signing up for a coaching package.

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