Check out the Season 1 video below and follow Seasons 2-8 with coaches Ian, Liza, Zach, Sean and Ellie via podcasts.
















Also, below are some of the media outlets our coaches contribute to or which have written articles about their athletic careers.





- Ultra Running Magazine

- Trail Runner Magazine

- Canadian Running Magazine

- IMPACT Magazine



Television/Radio Coverage and Quotes:


- CBS This Morning

- BBC One (UK)

- ITV (UK)

- NBC, Oregon

- South African Broadcasting Corporation

- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio)


Magazine/Newspaper Coverage and Quotes:


- Vice Sports

- Men's Health Magazine

- Men's Health UK Magazine

- Men's Fitness Magazine

- Women's Health Magazine

- Outside Magazine

- Shape Magazine

- Sports Illustrated Edge Magazine

- ESPN Online

- Athletics Weekly UK Magazine

- Runners World Magazine

- Runners World UK Magazine

- Running Times Magazine

- Men's Running UK Magazine

- Ultra Running Magazine (one of the most popular posts by Ian is about weight vest hiking)

- Trail Runner Magazine

- Trail Running UK Magazine

- Competitor Magazine

- Athletics Illustrated


- Independent Newspaper

- Vancouver Province Newspaper

- 1859 Oregon Magazine

- Bend Bulletin Newspaper


Podcast Interviews:


- Science of Ultra Coaches Corner Monthly Podcast with Ian and expert coaches outside Sharman Ultra (David Roche, Krissy Moehl and Dr Shawn Bearden)

- Ultra Runner Podcast (Ian, Ellie, Liza, Magda, Zach)

- Trail Runner Nation (Ian, Zach, Magda, Matt)

- Ginger Runner Live (Ian)

- Marathon Talk (Ian, Ellie)

- Bib Rave (Ian)

- Intelligent Runner (Ian)

- Talk Ultra (Ian, Ellie, Zach, Matt)

- Elevation Trail (Ian)

- Science of Ultra (Ian, Matt, Ellie)

- Runner Academy (Ian)

- Ascend (Ian)

- Running on Om (Ian)

- Running Stupid (Ellie)

- Three Non Joggers

- Multiple other podcasts with Zach Bitter

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