Check out the Season 1 video below and follow Seasons 2-9 with coaches Ian, Liza, Sean and Ellie via podcasts.
















Also, below are some of the media outlets our coaches contribute to or which have written articles about their athletic careers.





- Ultra Running Magazine

- Trail Runner Magazine

- Canadian Running Magazine

- IMPACT Magazine


- PodiumRunner Magazine


Television/Radio Coverage and Quotes:


- CBS This Morning

- BBC One (UK)

- ITV (UK)

- NBC, Oregon

- South African Broadcasting Corporation

- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio)


Magazine/Newspaper Coverage and Quotes:


- Vice Sports

- Men's Health Magazine

- Men's Health UK Magazine

- Men's Fitness Magazine

- Women's Health Magazine

- Outside Magazine

- Shape Magazine

- Self Magazine

- Sports Illustrated Edge Magazine

- ESPN Online

- Athletics Weekly UK Magazine

- Runners World Magazine

- Runners World UK Magazine

- Running Times Magazine

- Men's Running UK Magazine

- Ultra Running Magazine (one of the most popular posts by Ian is about weight vest hiking)

- Trail Runner Magazine

- Trail Running UK Magazine

- Competitor Magazine

- Athletics Illustrated


- Independent Newspaper

- Vancouver Province Newspaper

- 1859 Oregon Magazine

- Bend Bulletin Newspaper


Podcast Interviews:


- PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast (hosted by Ian)

- Science of Ultra Coaches Corner Monthly Podcast with Ian and expert coaches outside Sharman Ultra (David Roche, Krissy Moehl and Dr Shawn Bearden)

- Ultra Runner Podcast (Ian, Ellie, Liza, Magda)

- Trail Runner Nation (IanMagda, Matt)

- Ginger Runner Live (Ian)

- Marathon Talk (Ian, Ellie)

- Bib Rave (Ian)

- Intelligent Runner (Ian)

- Talk Ultra (Ian, EllieMatt)

- Elevation Trail (Ian)

- Science of Ultra (Ian, Matt, Ellie)

- Runner Academy (Ian)

- Ascend (Ian)

- Running on Om (Ian)

- Running Stupid (Ellie)

- Three Non Joggers