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Magda Boulet started running in college, and a few short years later graduated from UC Berkeley as an NCAA All-American. She started running marathons in 2001, and in 2008 represented the USA at the Olympic Games in Beijing.  In 2013, she ran her first ultra marathon, and two years later won the Western States 100 and was named the 2015 Female North American Ultra Runner of the Year, plus 5th in the Ultra Runner of the Decade rankings. She is also the Vice President of Innovation and Research at GU Energy Labs. The variety and longevity of her training experience gives her a wealth of knowledge she can use to help almost anyone achieve their running goals.


Some examples of races that Magda has competed at, and can therefore help you train for with course-specific knowledge, are:


- Western States 100 (1st, 2015)

- Leadville Trail 100 (1st, 2019)

- Marathon des Sables (1st, 2018)

- UTMB (5th, 2016) and CCC (2nd, 2015)

- TNF 50, San Francisco (1st 2015, 2nd 2013 and 2016)

- Speedgoat 50k (3rd, 2015)

- Chuckanut 50k (1st, 2015)

- Way Too Cool (1st, 2014)

- Cayuga Trails 50M (USATF Championships) (1st, 2014)

- Sean O’Brien 100k (1st, 2015)

- UROC 100K (1st, 2015)

- Tarawera 100K (2nd, 2017)

- Overlook 50K (1st, 2016, 2014)

- Canyons 100K (1st, 2016, 2015)

- Flagline 50K (2nd, 2014)

Many road marathons, large and small, around the world



- President, GU Energy Labs

- Online coaching for many years

- 2008 US Olympian (Marathon)

- 2:26 Marathon PR

Follow Magda’s running exploits on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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