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Facebook Live Q&A with Coach Liza

















Other Questions:


1. Coaching accomplishment(s) you’re most proud of and why?


Talking a first time 100-mile runner through a rough patch during his race when he was facing tight cutoffs.


2. Most exotic personal running experience?


Marathon des Sables stage race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. 


3. Favorite local trail?


The trails at Hill Country State Natural Area where the Bandera 100k is run. It's

technical, Texas Hill Country running at its best.

4. Favorite cross training activity?


Napping. (I have young kids.)

5. Personal running accomplishment you’re most proud of and why?


Winning Leadville Trail 100 as a flatlander who did a lot of treadmill training.


6. Most unusual coaching issue you’ve had to deal with?


A client running Western States 100 once used me as an excuse to get a ride out of an aid station after he dropped with a back injury. I was pacing him and pregnant. The aid station wanted him to hike out, but he said I clearly needed a ride.

Hill Country State Natural Area
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